Najlepszy Horror House w Poznaniu - Dom z koszmaru Najlepszy Horror House w Poznaniu - Dom z koszmaru Najlepszy Horror House w Poznaniu - Dom z koszmaru Najlepszy Horror House w Poznaniu - Dom z koszmaru Najlepszy Horror House w Poznaniu - Dom z koszmaru


Before the nightmare

  • What is it all about?

    Dom z Koszmaru (Nightmare House) is one of the darkest places in Poznan. It’s a house, where your heart starts to beat faster only after few seconds of being inside… it’s also a great place to experience really unforgettable moments. Are you dare enough to check?

  • How can we make a reservation to the Nightmare House?

    The only thing that you have to do is to organize team (from 2 to 6 people), choose a suitable date and make a reservation at Please remember to fill all the fields correctly!

  • We have the group which counts more than 6 people. What can we do?

    Recommended number of participants in one group is from 2 to 6 people. However, if you are decided to do this, we can enlarge this number to 8. If your group consists of even more people, we will have to divide your team into couple of smaller groups (your participation in the seance will be periodic).

  • Is it possible to make a reservation at different term that the calendar suggest?

    Yes, sure. If you are interested, please contact us by phone (+48 792 491 818) so we can determine all details.

  • We don't want to attend the seance with other strangers. What should we do?

    There is a possibility for you to enter the Nightmare House all alone (without any strangers). However, you have to buy out the other tickets, which we count as 50% normal value.

    For example – you come to our House by group that counts four people and you don’t want any other people to join you? That’s ok, you can buy out the remaining two places for 25 zl inclusively (which is half of their normaln value). Then you can be sure, that you will experience the adventure of your lifetime without any other people.

  • I have a voucher to Nightmare House. What could I do with it?

    That’s great! You have really creative relatives. Choose your best friends and make a reservation at Remember to enter correct protective code!

During the nightmare

  • Is the seance 100% real?

    Yes, it is. During the seance all daredevils have a real contact with the house and it’s darkness. They are inside the real building, with true emotions and experience authentic fear.

  • Is the seance at Nightmare House a kind of Escape Room Game?

    No, it’s two different attractions. At Nightmare House we don’t test your teamwork skills or logic way of thinking. However, we can guarantee that fear brings people together… which means, that after visiting our House you are more integrated group.

    For everyone looking for connection of fear and Escape Room game we recommend The Last Place at You can make a reservation here:

  • How much time does the seance take?

    There are many different factors which impacts on the seance’s time. However, the average seance takes 20-30 minutes.

  • There are three available versions of seance: terribly, nightmarishly and insanely. What are differences between them?

    The main difference is the level of fear, that you will have contact with. Description with all details you will find here:

  • We have already visited the Nightmare House. Can we visit it again and choose other version?

    „Nightmarishly’ version has some additional episodes,  that you will not find at ‚terribly’ version. That means that you will still have fun, but general plot will be the same.


    ‚Insanely’ version is dedicated only for one person – you go through the House alone! We offer this one only for fear-resistant people.

Other questions

  • Is the Nightmare House a good place for children?

    Absolutely no – visit at Nightmare House arouse too many emotions.

    Nonadult participants must obtain an agreement (from parents or curators) before they will take part in seance.

  • Is it possible for disabled people to take part in the seance?

    Unfortunately no. Nightmare House is too difficult to move for people with wheelchairs or crutches.

  • How can we get to the Nightmare House? Where can we park?

    There is a due parking at Marcinkowskiego Street (5 zl per hour, free after 6 p.m.). Furthemore you can leave your car at 23 Lutego Street or at Plac Wolnosci.

    If you want to use tram, there are a lot of lines that you can use (f.e. numbers 2, 5, 9, 13).

  • Can we organize a bachelor party at Nightmare House?

    Yes, sure! We suggest you to earmark the bachelor well, so we can guarantee him some ‚special’ emotions!

  • Can we pay by credit card?

    Unfortunately no. You can pay only by cash when the seance is finished.

  • Can we get an invoice for the seance?

    Yes, of course. To expedite whole process, please write all necessary details to make out the invoice at ‚Additional information’ field during making a reservation.